Unleash Your Female Super Power

Ladies, tired of struggling AGAINST your body when it comes to food and exercise?


Are you loosing motivation and inspiration in your workouts because you feel FLAT AND TIRED?  Or maybe you have  NO MOTIVATION to train at all?

Do you find a insatiable CUPBOARD MONSTER ravishing through the cupboards eating everything in sight?  Of course, you then beat yourself up over your 'LACK OF CONTROL'


Did you know that energy, caloric needs and metabolism are cyclic to your hormones?   Tapping into this energy has been a secret weapon to some the world’s TOP female athletes when racing and training.

Working WITH your natural energy instead of against it, Fueling your body in accordance to these hormonal shifts, CAN BE ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER!

Working WITH your natural energy and cyclic caloric needs will INCREASE YOUR ENERGY, not only in your workouts, but in life!   

Fueling your body body in accordance with your bodies cyclic needs will mean LESS CRAVINGS for the food your body doesn't need. 

A training cycle that honors YOUR natural rhythm, will give you results without burning out.  Because ultimately, we want to work SMARTER, NOT HARDER! 


12 weeks is the PERFECT amount of time to REALLY be able to tap into these subtle shifts in your body; to tune into your cyclic energy and hunger signals and attain a greater awareness to create the change you want to see.

What you'll receive:
  • Varied workout guides structured to change in intensity to work within YOUR cyclic energy. 

  • Access to your own PERSONALISED workout app that you can take with you wherever you are.  Its like having personal trainer in your pocket!  Use the app to track your workouts and your results.

  • Full instructional videos on each of the workouts helping you to move better and gain better results.

  • Options to have a workout plan that is home based OR gym based, with BONUS workouts to keep you feeling fresh and motivated.

  • Full meal guide with plenty of yummy recipes for you (and your family) to enjoy PLUS a shopping list to make life easier

  • Structured meal guide to help you meet your cyclic metabolic needs.   This will mean, great food without feeling ever feeling deprived!

  • Lifetime Access to support via a Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly educational videos and resources to help you tune into your body

  • Naturopathic support and information to create a stronger, healthier version of you! 

This program will give you a greater understanding of:
  • The different caloric needs of YOUR body throughout hormonal cycles and how to harness these for the best results

  • How to increase your metabolism by honoring your hormones

  • How to time your nutrients for greater energy and results

  • The effects of stress on body composition

  • The science and importance of recovery and sleep as well as training

  • Training for results without burning out

  • Workout Scheduling tips to help you stay on track

  • Meal prepping tips for ongoing success


Would you like a MORE personalised INDIVIDUAL COACHING package?
Optional Personalised upgrade Package: 

This is a great option if you have struggled with weight gain or low energy over a long time and would like to further investigate possible underlying causes.

Includes:   3 x 45 minute Individual consultations

  • Providing one on one coaching

  • Deeper assessment into ‘barriers’ to weight loss; which may require further testing.

  • Body Composition Analysis x 2

  • 10% off any supplements

JOIN ME to KICKSTART Your energy, your fitness and your results!


Unleash Your Female Super Power Program Standard Package (home or gym):

  • $100 initial payment,

  • Then 12 week weekly payments of $10.00

Unleash Your Female Super Power Personalised Upgrade Package: 

  • Total additional investment of $220.00

  • Either payable upfront or

  • $200 initial payment,

  • Then  12 weekly payments of $20.00


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Gym Based Program


Home Based Program

Upgrade Package


Do I need to be 'fit' to join this program?

This program is great for all fitness levels.  There will be options where you will be able 'turn up' or 'turn down' the workouts in accordance to your body. 

Do I need access to a gym?

There are 2 programs, one is a home based program and one is designed to take with you into the gym.

Do I need any equipment to train from home?

Yes.   2 x dumbbells between 3-5 kg each and 1 x resistance band.  Both can be purchased from kmart for minimal outlay.

Is this designed to be a weight loss program?

Not as such, however with consistency in your movement, honouring your energy and nourishing your body you should expect a change in your body composition.  This program isn't designed as a 12 week challenge, but an education on how to how to honour your natural energy and utilise this in your training.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up to the program, within 24 hours you will receive:

  • Email link to access your fitness program

  • Email link to complete your secure direct debit set up, which will be debited from your nominated account weekly on a Thursday.

  • Your meal guide

  • Access to a private facebook group with personalised support

  • From this point, you will have full instructions on how to move forward in the program.

When does the program start?

Saturday 8th June is the official kick off for this program, so if you sign up before this date, you won't receive your program until this date.

Can I sign up after this date?

For Sure!  This program will be running continuously - BUT WHY WAIT?

I have more Questions...

Please feel free to phone or email with any other questions you may have.

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