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Kirby Bree Fitness Breath and Ice

Life is turbulent. You will discover & practice simple techniques to improve stress resilience.

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  • 88 Australian dollars
  • kirby Bree Fitness. Unit 4/29 Pendlebury Rd, Cardiff NSW 2285

Service Description

Are you ready to tap into your inner superpower? Your breath is perhaps the one of the most under rated, yet most effective tool to improve your health and your mental resilience. Your breath is your superpower; it underpins and supports the regulation of every single cell and system within your body, improving your stress resilience, your energy and your sleep. Most of us understand the concept of improving our diet to improve our health, in this same way, optimising the way that you breathe is the most potent life performance enhancer. Trying to calm a body that is wired and frazzled with words alone will only get you so far. Your breath is the language of the body. Understanding your bodies language will allow you to get out of your racing mind and into a body that feels calm and energised. During our time together you will: - Celebrate the medicine of your breath within a guided breath ceremony - Learn how your breath may be keeping you stuck in a stress loop and what to do to step outside of this. - Discover safe, easy and effective breathing methods that can easily be integrated into your life. You will have the opportunity to practice your Breathwork skills through Cold Water exposure. Ultimately, Life is an Ice Bath. - You will discover and experience the benefits of ancient Cold Water Therapy. How ,when and why to use to utilise Cold Water and of course, how to apply it to your amazing female body! Come and join us for an afternoon of nourishment, connection and inspiration. Knowledge is Power, but experience is EVERYTHING 4 Benefits of Breathwork 1. Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Improving lung function & correcting breathing patterns will improve stress perception and reduce feelings of anxiety. 2. Improve Energy: Oxygen is the energy currency of the body; inefficient breathing equates to inefficient oxygen delivery to the cells and you feeling tired. 3. Improve Focus & Concentration: Enhancing your breath allows for improved blood flow & circulation; improving your focus, concentration & energy. 4. Improve Sleep: Promotes relaxation, reduces racing thoughts & naturally enhances sleep hormone melatonin allowing you to have a better nights rest. 5. Improve digestion: Stimulates parasympathic nervous system responsible for rest & digest

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Next to Hungry Jacks 18 Medcalf St, Warners Bay NSW, Australia

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