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Nutter by Nature is registered with all major health funds.

What you can expect 

Optimal health isn’t just about one aspect, it is about combining multiple aspects of lifestyle and nutritional strategies to optimise not only health but vitality. 

Your individualised treatment protocol will include a blend of evidenced-based nutritional strategies, botanical medicine and supplementation, where necessary. 

At Nutter by Nature, I will work with you to find solutions that suit you and your lifestyle.

The initial consultation will be 75-90 minutes long.

The price of the first consultation is  $165.00.


Within this time, we will:

  • Discuss your highest health priority and what you expect from the consultation

  • Look in depth at your health history

  • Evaluate any blood tests that you may have with you

  • Discuss possible causes relating to your symptoms or health condition

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Discuss lifestyle and nutritional optimisation strategies based on your goals.


Treatment protocols are based on your presenting symptoms and comprehensive testing.


In-house testing may include:

  • Iridology

  • Nail analysis

  • Tongue analysis

  • Blood pressure testing

  • Urinary analysis

  • Food Detective test

  • Functional Breath Assessment

Testing is the quickest and most accurate way to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Referrals for Functional pathology may also be utilised to best determine any health imbalances and tailor specific individualised treatments.

The initial consultation will include a detailed report and personalised treatment plan, including lifestyle and nutritional optimisation strategies.

Follow Up Consultations 45 - 60 minutes in length


In working with me, I like to keep your costs down. 

The length of our follow up consultations could vary, but you only pay for the time that you use.

Some of our follow up consultations may just be a straight forward tweak or adjustment in our strategy.  Some may need a little more time and a more in-depth investigation to get the best results for you.

Follow up consultations are charged at $115.00 per hour, however, you will only pay for the time you use (to the nearest 15 minutes).  Therefore, if you need a little less time on the day, you will pay less. 

Within this time, we will discuss:

  • Your current treatment plan and how are you are feeling

  • Review the results of testing

  • progression, modification, if required, and refinement of your treatment plan based your response 

Nutter by Nature is registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and practices evidence-based integrative medicine so you can be assured of the highest quality scientific research.

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