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Get in touch to talk about health and wellness in the workforce seminars and workshops tailored to your business.

Corporate Events

Seminars and Workshops for your business, at your office, tailored to your staff's needs. Give your team the experience of a lifetime and tools to thrive in the workplace every day.

Unique workshops, experiences, master classes and guest speaking options from Bek Nutter, breathwork coach and nutritionist for Australia's Olympians.

Today’s corporate lifestyle is busy. The reality of this leads to high-stress loads, where maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be difficult.
Investing in your staff’s health has been shown to increase productivity, reduce sick days, improve stress resilience and make your staff feel valued; creating a happy workplace.


Workshops can be tailored to your companies’ individual needs; combining education, motivation, movement and FUN!

Corporate or Group Breathwork Sessions

These workshops can be tailored to your groups needs.  Whether this be an opportunity to de-stress and breath together to create an improvement in productivity or an education session, helping your team to breath better in life.  Breathing better, generates better energy, better focus and improved resilience. 

Team-based classes, Wellbeing in the Workforce and Sports Training Sessions.

  • Tailored to your business

  • Held at a convenient location for you and your colleagues and staff

  • Focus on team-building and workplace wellness

  • Customisable, flexible

Bek Nutter food workshops_edited.jpg

Nutrition Workshops

Practical and educational workshops designed to make food accessible, easy and nutritious. Recipes & meal plans included! These workshops can be tailored for specific team requirements.

Workshop options include:

Nutrition for a Healthy Work Culture

Food culture in the workplace can lead to either a cohesive team or isolation and lethargy. Providing your team with a healthy food framework means they will be more productive, have more energy

and be able to use food as the bonding experience it should be.

Download the brochure for all the details.


Breath Workshops

Unique breathwork and ice bath experiences and workshops that are practical and educational. Perfect for building resilience and team cohesion.

Workshop options include:

Introduction to Breathwork Experience

Breath for Resilience Workshop

Breath & Ice Experience

Within these workshops we will unpack what it means to truly breathe well and how you can easily incorporate breathwork techniques to make huge changes to your workplace satisfaction,

retention and productivity.

Download the brochure for all the details.

womens workshop with bek nutter.png

Women's Workshops

Women's bodies have unique needs. Custom workshops, or combination experiences to support and honour the women in your team.

Workshop options include:

Breath Energy & Ice: Half day workshop

Any of our other workshops can be tailored just for women.

Harnessing your female super powers and supporting your body through cyclical changes and transitions into menopause helps you feel in control of your body. Understanding what is happening and providing strategies through nutrition and movement can help manage your focus, sleep, hot flushes and energy.

Download the brochure for all the details.

6 Week Lifestyle Package

Includes 3 x Lunch and Learn Sessions Delivered in your workspace

Weekly Group Exercise Training Sessions for your staff.


Individual Seminars Session and Team Building Movement Sessions 

These sessions are designed to motivate and educate your staff to create valuable changes.


Team Building Movement Sessions

Productivity and happiness levels go up when connecting with our colleagues and move our bodies!

These sessions are delivered at your workspace or a suitable space nearby a qualified Personal Trainer. The focus for the sessions is fun and provide insight into how to incorporate more movement into everyday life to maximise health.


Please get in touch for your Information Kit



Sports Teams or Event Training Sessions

Is your company, group or team training for a specific event?

Successful outcomes in your event, rely on not only training but fuelling and recovery strategies.  

These sessions are tailored to your specific event or team goals.


Please get in touch for your Information Kit.

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