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Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine – the use of the plants (leaves, root, bark, flowers and seeds) for medicinal benefit ­– is one of the oldest, yet still most widely used, healing systems in the world today.


We’ve all used culinary herbal medicine at some point; a sprinkle of cinnamon, a handful of parsley, coriander or rosemary from the garden, all of which have a gentle therapeutic effect on the body. 


Herbal medicine utilises plants such as these, but at a highly concentrated extracted dose to enhance the medicinal properties.


As a herbalist, I draw from a wide range of medicinal herbal tinctures, blending them to create an individualised herbal prescription to fit your body and its unique needs. 


The advantage of being able to combine a variety of herbs is that they act synergistically in different areas of your body, working holistically in the body as a whole. 

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