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Adaptogenic Womens
Adventure Retreat

26th - 28th July 2024

Are you being called for connection?
Called back to nature?
Are you ready for something more?
An adventure?
Women's adaptogenic adventure retreat by Nutter by Nature - women in a circle holding hand
I Hear You....


Come and join us for an epic weekend filled with transformational Breathwork, hiking in nature, wild swimming & connection.


Prepare to be stretched to grow,
nourished and nurtured.


Let us offer you a weekend that you will not forget in the pristine rainforest - a place where your mind can go quiet, and your body can let go of tension. This magical place will help you feel settled and rebalanced. It's a place to rediscover your self and get back to who you really are.


The crisp, clean air is perfect for guided breathwork, where you can begin to reconnect with yourself. 


The trails in the forest around us are the perfect place to reconnect with nature, to challenge yourself through movement, to connect and to restore.  

discover the beauty of nature with a nutter by nature retreat such as this beautiful river

Discover the beauty and pleasure of nature to boost your wellbeing.

We will be discovering the beauty of nature and the pleasure of wild swimming under waterfalls in spectacular natural swimming holes.  


You'll have downtime to rest and explore, and at mealtimes, you'll be nourished with delicious food, curated by a nutritionist/naturopath and lovingly prepared by your very own retreat cook (who is experienced in providing for dietary needs). 

Bek Nutter from Nutter by Nature
Hi, I'm Bek!

A Qualified Naturopath, Master Breath Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Herbalist. 

My vision for our time together is to challenge you just enough that you rediscover & remember who you are and what you are truly capable of, then nourish you inside and out so you remember what it feels like to be nurtured and peaceful. 

Come and join us for a weekend of connection and discovery where you'll be fully immersed in nature and guided through natural tools for taking charge of your health and your mindset. 

Later as we gather around, you will discover

ancient naturopathic tools to boost your health and wellbeing, including a special ceremony.

Join me on this epic adaptogenic adventure weekend to find your balance, become more resilient, connect with yourself, learn new skills and spend time in the most incredible rainforest setting. 

a group of women at nutter by nature's adaptogenic adventure retreat by the riverside.jpg

What is an adaptogenic retreat?

Have you heard that word before?


An adaptogen is a plant that we use as medicine to help create balance within your body.


These amazing adaptogens have the ability to calm your body when your feeling stressed and energise your body when you are feeling flat. 

As a herbalist, I think of this retreat like an adaptogen. 

At this retreat, I will challenge you.  I will stretch you. I will teach you how to grow through stress allowing you to become more resilient. 


I give you tools and techniques to energise and tools and techniques to find calm. 


It's only by pushing the thresholds and boundaries of both, that we can truly find balance.  

Retreats with Bek Nutter include connection circles and community.jpg
adaptogenic womens adventure retreat attendees in a bonding circle.jpg
Your weekend will include:


  • Guided daily transformational breathwork

  • Nature walks and immersions

  • Wild Swimming 

  • Cold Water Immersion

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Naturopathic Workshop

  • Naturopathic tools to put you in the drivers seat

  • of your health journey

  • Free time to explore or rest

  • Fully catered with lovingly-cooked meals chosen by a nutritionist/naturopath

  • Twin share accommodation in a king single bed with shared bathroom

  • OR private rooms with shared bathrooms available 

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The below videos are of past attendees talking about how they feel about the retreat. 

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Breathing Exercise To Help You Reset

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