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Optimise performance through breathing

Without Breath, there is no life.  

Every cell of the human body is influenced, by HOW you breathe.

We know that the QUALITY of the air we breath is important.  But how about the QUANTITY or air? 

Too much?  Too little?  Too fast?

Just like the quality and QUANTITY of the foods you eat affects your health, the same thing can be said for your breath.

Because breathing is an involuntary and happens over 20,000 times per day, it is often taken for granted.

However, every moment, your breath provides nourishment to your cells.  Every moment your breath is transported to your blood and pumped through approximately 100,000 kilometres of veins and arteries, delivered and released to the cells giving you life and vitality.

The way you breath influences your emotions, your sleep, your energy, your mood, your recovery & your sports performance. 

What if you could harness the simple primal power of the breathe to optimise your health, your energy & your mood?


What signs is your body giving you?

  • Yawning or sighing frequently

  • Tension in your shoulders

  • Unable to concentrate

  • Digestive issues

  • Cold hand and feet

  • Tired

  • Feelings of anxiety

  • Difficulty Sleeping

  • Snoring

  • Sleep Apnoa

  • Asthma or hayfever


The breath is the master switch to unlocking the vitality from your cells.

Through a simple breathing assessment, I will work beside you, to help restore this vital energy, simply and naturally.

Breathing for Sports Performance

Unleash your potential and find your edge


The way that you breath influences every cell within your body.

Oxygen delivery to the muscles is crucial to performance.  It determines your speed, your endurance and your strength.  It determines your ability to make decisions on the playing field at that essential game winning moment.

What if there was a way that you could harness the simple power of your breath to supercharge your ability?  An innate super power for you to harness to get faster & stronger?

You have it already.  Your breath.  

Utilizing research-based breath techniques, athletes have been shown to:
  • Improve vo2 max

  • Improve speed

  • Improve lactic threshold

  • Improve delivery of oxygen to working muscles

  • Naturally increase production of EPO

  • Improve Recovery 

  • Improve focus & concentration

  • Reduce breathlessness 

  • Reduce inflammation and the risk of injury

  • Help to maintain fitness during injury

  • Help to Prevent exercise induced asthma

Working With You

I work along side athletes and sports teams to bring simple time efficient techniques that can be utilised during their own training to maximise performance gains.

These techniques can be harnessed in ALL sports.  


"Working with Bek has allowed me to improve my speed on the field.  I was frustratingly chronically injured.  I didn’t realize the way that I was breathing, was affecting my ability to move efficiently on the field and my bodies’ ability to recover well.   Since working with Bek, not only has my rate of injury significantly improved, but I’m faster to the ball and can think clearer for when it counts." 

Kate – Footballer 

Female Soccer Players
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