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If you are looking to streamline your strategy and maximise your results, book your consultation now.

Athletes & Performance Nutrition

Training and competing requires strength and fitness and a whole lot of additional energy from your body.  This level of energy requires targeted fuel for performance.

Every sport is different.   A nutritional strategy that works well for one sport, maybe an absolute disaster for another.  Every athlete's body has unique nutritional needs.  You need a strategy that works for you.


With so much confusing information out there on fad diets, supplements and training strategies, it can become overwhelming and confusing.

As a Naturopath, Performance Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I can help you tailor your individual nutritional needs to aid in maximising your outcomes and reaching your goals.

My key focus is on wholefoods, quality nutrition and movement that is fun.  Nutter by Nature is about finding simple, easy ways to fuel your body with the best food possible. 

My goal is to maximise your performance potential through evidenced informed nutritional strategies.

As a Naturopath, I can also help you:

  • Minimise GI Distress in training and racing, through nutrition, nutritional timing and lifestyle.

  • Support your immune system, keeping you healthy and moving towards your goals

  • Help to maximise your energy and improve your sleep naturally

  • Reduce burn out

  • Maximise your recovery strategies to enhance your competition and training performance

  • Nutritional strategies for post menopausal and menopausal women to improve comfort and performance.

Nutter by Nature can support your journey through offering:
  • Individualised nutritional program for race or competition preparation

  • Nutritional program for race day or competition

  • Nutritional analysis utilising computer software

  • Nutritional optimisation strategies

  • Fitness programming

  • Lifestyle modification support that fits with your life

  • Referral for comprehensive testing, if required

Nutter by Nature also offers full Body Composition Analysis, which includes:
  • Segmented Muscle Mass Analysis

  • Muscle Quality

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Hydration status

  • Metabolic Age

My journey into the health industry began with a passion for movement...

This passion led me to competitive long-distance running and into the gym to become a group fitness coach and personal trainer. 

This way of life began to completely change the way I thought about nutrition; food was no longer something that I just shoved in my mouth – it had the ability to shape the way I was able to perform in  races and the energy that I could bring to my classes. 

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