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If you would like a realistic and holistic approach to help you and your family, book your consultation now.


Health & Mood

Do you feel like life is a constant battle with your children? 

Are they cranky? Anxious? Hyperactive? 

Do they suffer from eczema or asthma? 

Do you feel that something is just not right? 

This is your child’s body trying to communicate with you! 

Nobody knows your child like you do - my focus is to help you better interpret what your child’s body is trying to tell you, investigate the underlying cause, and support you and your child in regaining optimal health (and sanity!).


It's no secret that "we are what we eat" and kids are the ultimate proof of this. Having two children of my own further enforced how powerful food could really be – the link between food and mood became highly apparent when my toddlers cried uncontrollably or were cranky for days after eating certain foods.


Through trial and error, I discovered that my children were highly sensitive to certain foods. This really opened my eyes to the influence of food on our emotional state, not just as children, but at every stage of life. 

A food that brings health to one child might wreak havoc on another.

Food is powerful and it has the ability to affect your child's sleep, learning, behaviour and growth.

If your child is experiencing tantrums, fussy eating, learning difficulties, poor sleep, eczema, delayed growth or even clumsiness, I can help you get to the bottom of it.

Naturopathy is gentle on young bodies yet highly effective at bringing their system back into balance.

Through targeted testing, simple lifestyle changes and the power of natural medicine, we'll discover what's going on and how to best help your child.  

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