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Hammering your training and getting no-where?


I want to help you take your training to the next level.


When it comes to getting results in training and improving your athletic performance, sometimes there is a missing element.




True magic can happen when you combine a holistic approach to your training. Combining the training you love with quality nutrition and renewal strategies can help to bring the fire back into your training, supporting your body to keep doing what you LOVE for longer.


Signs you need to incorporate more renewal:

  • Irritable or grumpy
  • Un-Motivated or Flat in your training
  • Hormones out of Whack (male and female)
  • Sleep Changes
  • Tired
  • Sugar or Salt Cravings
  • Catching more colds than normal
  • Cant build muscle
  • Weight gain or puffiness
  • Training for a big event


What does the Program Include:

  • The why behind renewal
  • Easy strategies that fit easily into your life to support your athletic performance
  • Pre and post training nutritional ideas and recipes
  • Point System to match your renewal strategies to your training load
  • Renewal & Training Planner
  • Renewal & Training Tracker to monitor your progress and to help keep you accountable.


My Why?

As a Naturopath and fitness coach, I have watched countless talented athletes & brand new budding gym bunnies alike smash themselves for results they are just not seeing.


Human conditioning drives us to think that if you are not seeing results, it must be because you are not pushing your self hard enough....Next minute, your burnt out, grumpy & exhausted. Your talent and motivation dwindles as you feel like you are pushing boulders up hill.


Combining renewal strategies & fueling techniques to your program helps your body to restore & renew, allowing you get more out of your sessions, get the most out of your training, without burning out.

Renewal For Athletic Performance & Results

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