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The Oxygen Advantage® sports mask, for new levels of fitness and performance.


SportsMask is a patented training mask designed to enhance your exercise training and take your breathing to the next level. The mask adds a variable load to breathing, strengthening your diaphragm in the same way weightlifting builds muscle in your arms.


Worn during exercise, SportsMask improves functional breathing by pooling carbon dioxide to create adaptations that reduce breathlessness. And it intensifies the practice of breath holds for a more effective altitude simulation experience.




  • Revolutionary patented breathing technology
  • Comes with a handy user manual and an Oxygen Advantage® workout
  • Secure head straps keep the mask in place during vigorous exercise
  • Variable resistance settings to customize your training
  • An ideal tool for pro athletes, emergency first response workers and anyone who wants a to get more from their breathing practice


With SportsMask you can:

  • Delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid
  • Improve your aerobic performance and overall fitness
  • Reduce breathlessness, increasing your exercise capacity
  • Strengthen your core and breathing muscles
  • Achieve greater levels of anaerobic glycolysis, without risk of injury
  • Relieve exercise-induced asthma
  • And maintain fitness during rest or injury


SportsMask is specifically designed for use with the Oxygen Advantage® technique for simulation of altitude training. You will find exercises tailored to the mask in the courses and literature.

Sports Mask

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