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How Healthy is your Mind?


When we think about 'Health' what is the FIRST thing that springs to mind? Exercise? Kale? Green Smoothies? Ha ha, YES! All of those things are healthy. But health is SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. Our body is fueled by what we feed it. It is made from this VERY matter. But what if I told you the THOUGHTS that you feed your body, could be even more powerful than the food? Imagine sitting down to a beautiful meal... Its full of brightly coloured veggies, its nourishing, it warm, its jam packed full of nutrients. What are the THOUGHTS that go through your mind? Are they "mmmm..... that looks delicious! I am so glad that I have taken the time to self nourish myself with this beautiful food today...." OR are they " I ate (x y z) yesterday and now i'm going to PUNISH myself with this stinking salad". See the difference? Same with the way we move... Two completely different mindsets... "Today I'm going to celebrate what my body is truly capable of through movement! I'm going to challenge myself to feel AMAZING!!" OR "I ate (x y z) yesterday, I'm going to punish myself at the gym to make up for it.". Feel the difference? How does that make you feel? Health is a mindset. How you talk to yourself matters. Every ounce of your being FEELS those thoughts. Those thoughts have the the ability to empower you and help you to be strong and feel amazing. Or completely derail you and make you feel like crap. We have a choice. We can stay with that thought and let it become us. Or we can change it. Whenever I have a negative thought or mindset start to creep in, I work to flip it. This thought can be anything that inspires you. It might be "I am healthy', It might be "I am in control of the situation', It might simply be 'I am enough'. This truly is the highest form of self care. What you think is what you believe. What you believe is what you will become. Feed yourself nourishing thoughts. Talk to yourself like you would your beautiful child.... and watch what happens....

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