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Breathing better, together

As a naturopath, a really big part of what I do is trying to get to the root cause of what’s going on. Instead of just looking at the symptoms I’m looking at what is underneath it, why it’s actually happening. A big thing that I’ve seen over the last couple of years is that if the foundations of something is off then everything is off. It’s like trying to build a building on wobbly piers, it’s never going to hold up.

What’s the key foundations of health? What’s the thing that keeps us alive?

It’s our breath.

So, if our breath is out, then everything is out.

Over the last couple of years this has really changed the way that I’ve been able to help people heal. We can keep doing all the fancy things that we do over the top, but sometimes it’s like pouring water into a bucket with a whole in it. You can fix all the things at the top, but the water will keep pouring straight through.

This is when the concept of the breath shed really started to come to me. I started to realise the lack of awareness about how important our breath is, and all the things it can affect and I wanted to show to the world why our breath is so important.

The other thing that I saw was missing was that we have a certain group that just had no awareness of why our breath matters (which was me to for a long time!) and another group that could see why breath mattered but wanted to know how to make it a consistent practice in their lives and wanted more skills to manage it for daily life.

We know that to be able to create consistency, or to make hard things easy, the way we do it best is with other people and with guidance.

The Breath Shed is a space that provides both these things and remove the variables. I wanted to create a space to educate people and raise awareness of breath and how important it is so we can stop pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it. I wanted to be able to create a place where we could be consistent with our breathing and do it together so it felt easier and we could be connected not only to those around us but to ourselves as well.

Mostly my desire was to give people the opportunity for guidance inside and outside of the classroom. I speak about it so often that the things we do often - our small habits - are what makes the biggest difference. To not only have the availability of the classes, but to also have something that could be done from home, or in the park, or whenever you want to, to be able to change the way you breathe to change the moment, to change the mindset, to change how you feel. Something that could help to heal you.

So that is the Breath Shed and this is why I am so excited about it and to finally be able to share this space with you.

Weekly classes are now open for booking and our online program can be joined anytime.


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