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Natures Medicine at your feet!

I love walking the kids to the school. It always blows me away how many ahhhmazing medicinal herbs that are spread around as weeds at our feet!

As a herbalist - I absolutely love weeds!

I love having conversations with the kids on the way to school about all the wonderful weeds we walk past everyday!-

In the 5 minute walk from home to our school we walk past no fewer than 10 different amazing medicinal herbs. I always giggle as the kids walk home with their friends listening to them describe the benefits of all the weeds they walk by.

A few of the weeds we walk past everyday are:

Dandelions – A common weed and an ABSOLUTE POWERHOUSE! This weed is packed full of minerals, such as iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium and FANTASTIC in salads! As a herbalist we use Dandelion to support the liver and the gallbladder.

Plantain – Such a common weed! I love this as Nature’s bandaid! We use crushed plantain to help stop the bleeding on minor cuts when we are out in the bush. It also has wonderful antibacterial properties to aid in healing. Herbalists also use this to help with colds and mucous.

Comfrey – Otherwise known as knitbone. This is a powerful weed – the leaf can be used as a poultice to aid healing any conditions that bruise or swell. In fact – it is so powerful that it shouldn’t be used on broken skin – as it can heal the skin too quickly, sealing in dirty/infectious skin.

Fennel – Fantastic for sore tummies and bottom burps! This also helps to balance blood sugar. Fabulous as a tea!

St Marys Thistle – An absolutely BEAUTIFUL plant, with milky leaves and a big purple flower. Ha ha! It also has tiny little hairs that create quite a sting if you touch it! As a herbalist we use this as a powerful herb for the liver.

Chickweed – A powerhouse in nutrients – and awesome in salads! As a herbalist this is fantastic herb to ease itchy skin conditions.

Paddy’s leucine – This is such a common weed! As a herbalist this is a fantastic one to soothe throats and help coughs.

And Finally Calendula – Such a beautiful bright flower! We use calendula as a natural antiseptic. It is great to use on cuts, insect bites and even nappy rash.

All of these fantastic weeds on the 5 minute walk from home to school!

I absolutely love being able to pass this traditional knowledge onto the children, teaching them how to use all the wonderful things are growing around them.

Nature really does provide a fantastic first aid kit when you know what to look for!

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