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Christmas Shop in a Tutu - My tips for an energised and sparkly Chrissy

I've loads of clients recently speak to me about their fear of stepping out of their usual routines throughout the Chrissy break and potentially loosing all of the beneficial health gains that they have achieved throughout the year.

So, firstly... There is absolutely no way that the amazing empire of health we have built throughout the year is going to topple in a few weeks of mixing it up! The foundations you have built are strong! Like anything in our lives - Its all in how we approach it.....

Changing up our day to day routines can actually be really really beneficial and feel amazing!

So, how do we approach it?.

In terms of our movement (or training), I always ask my clients to think like an athlete.

Would a peak athlete train 52 weeks a year? ABSOLUTELY NOT!. Athletes have down time, they rest their bodies and their minds - in preparation to become stronger when their body and their minds are ready..

If we push our bodies hard, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, our body will always stay in a kind of mediocre state. Our body may begin to feel heavy, you may feel like your no longer able to keep the same pace, weight or intensity. By having rest days and training holidays, our body is able to recover, adapt and grow. It is able to become sparkly, shiny and strong again!

From a mental perspective - rest gives us time to re-energise and find some FIRE in our training again!

Having a holiday or a break from structured exercise plans doesn't mean you can't move your body.... In fact - I would HIGHLY recommend MORE unstructured movement and play sprinkled in whenever you can in your day- instead of relying purely on the structure of that 5.30 pump class.

Training is about being FIT FOR LIFE, Being able to lift our children, to run, to walk, to swim, to play, not so much about how much we can squat in the gym (although that can feel pretty cool!).

Over the break, move because it feels AMAZING! Walk in nature, paddleboard, learn to surf, ride your bike, backyard cricket, DANCE! Do something new. Because THIS joy of movement is what life is all about. This is what we are REALLY training for. To be the best we can be at life.

When it comes to food - just because your routine is different doesn't mean you should nourish your body less....

Think about why we eat the foods we do? We eat them to give us energy and strength, to fill up our souls and make us feeling amazing.

Energetically REAL foods fill up our cup to the point of farting rainbows!

Think about all the wonderful fresh foods that we are lucky enough to have in season here right now - Mangos, Melon, Berries, beautiful fresh colourful salads, crunchy sprouts, prawns, oysters, fish - I LOVE SUMMER TIME!!

Be gentle on yourself. If you eat something that isn't usually on your menu - ENJOY IT - and move on. Don't berate yourself with guilty thoughts and give up on nourishing yourself because you had a piece of Christmas Cake!!! Life is about balance. Life is about filling our cup up!

So what are my tips to stay energised over the Chrissy break??

1. Take time out for you. Do something you love to do. Fill your cup up to the point of overflowing.

2. Go Christmas shopping in a Tutu. People will either smile because your cute....Or take wide birth because they think your crazy! Either way....It makes Christmas shopping alot more fun!

Life always feels more sparkly when you wear a tutu - especially if its fluro!

3. Have a healthy snack before going out to celebrations. This way you don't feel forced to make food choices that don't agree with you just because your hungry.

4. If your drinking alcohol - stay hydrated. You will feel TONS better! Why not try a mix with Soda Water and lime?? This will help stop the sugar hangover and help hydrate you whilst your drinking - Double Pow!

5. Take every opportunity to nourish yourself. Through food, through movement and definitely through PLAY!



PS. Life really is better in a tutu

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