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Family Fit Fun Easter Hunt

I love Easter.

I love taking a break and being with my family.

Switching off from everything else, enjoying nourishing food, nourishing movement, slowing down from life and HAVING FUN!

Here is an fun Easter egg hunt that our family loves!

This get us all up on Easter Sunday morning playing together! Love it!

  1. Write clues on pieces of paper

  2. Place clues inside plastic eggs ( I use plastic eggs along the hunt, leading towards a treasure at the end.

  3. Place eggs and notes in their allocated places

  4. Complete the hunt with the children!!

  5. Have fun!

Here’s an idea that we have used (feel free to make your own to suit your environment):

Egg 1. Begin with 10 Push ups – Can you do more??? Now head outside the front door……

Egg 2. Walk down the stairs and near the pot….But first lets do 30 deep squats!

Egg 3. Turn right and head towards the Bbq, who can do more tuck jumps? Me or you??

Egg 4. Look straight ahead, head for the pot – now 50 high knees on the spot!

Egg 5. Sprint to the fence, then spin around – 20 squat jumps – hands to ground!

Egg 6. Now sprint towards the widest trees – once there we have 30 burpees!

Egg 7. Run toward the smallest fence and look towards the pot – But first imagine your a bunny and do 10 giant hops!

Egg 8. Place your finger upon your nose – who can run fastest to the hose?

Egg 9. Peek around the corner – see the brightest flower? Kangaroo hop towards the flower, land deep in your legs to create more power!

Egg 10. 10 times Squat down and jump like a star, then who is the fastest to the car??

Treasure – You found the treasure – your game is done – do 10 push ups just for fun!!!!

Your ‘treasure’ could involve Easter treats – or even a fun family picnic in the park!!!

I hope you enjoy your Easter break as much me!!

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