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Why We Should Get Bored More Often...

I'm just settling back in from an Amazing Winter Retreat that Nutter by Nature ran, where we took time to bushwalk, Practice Yoga by the Fire, Chat, nourish our bodies and Rest.

Being on our retreat, really got me thinking.... When was the last time I really stopped and allowed myself unstructured time? Time to be bored?

Do you remember as a child when the days stretched forever?? Some of my best memories are at the beach as a child, racing sea snails and exploring the near by bush. How much time did we have as children to enjoy racing snails?!?!

So much fun in simplicity and games created through boredom

I recently read an article “Why You Should Get Bored More Often,” by author and law professor Ozan Varol.

This is such a brilliant article, about how we get caught up, then perpetuated by our busyness. Each email or message we respond to generates another. Each 'doing', triggers a wave of activity that we are constantly surfing. Sometime this wave feels impossible to get off, like your just keeping your head above the frothing waves.

We can no longer hear or see what is around us, as we are too busy with our noisy thoughts and our mission 'to do'.

Our primal mind has evolved a lot since our caveman days.... However, the body that we inhabit has not.

We begin to feel a sense of disconnect. We begin to feel a fatigue, a tiredness. A sense that something is missing.

We feel we need to 'get away' to 'retreat'. But really, all we need to 'retreat' is right here in front of us... We are just too focused on being 'busy' or 'unbored' that we can't see it.

How good does it feel to sit and stare at the fire.... To watch the white puffy clouds float by on spring day.... To sit and with our children....To play.... To have unstructured


This constant wirr of busyness can take its toll on our bodies. While our mind says 'YES I CAN', our body whispers for us to stop.

Next time you feel bored and you feel yourself reaching for your phone, I dare you to stop.

To step outside with cuppa. To observe what is around you.

Retreat into the present moment.


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